Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How I Won My Free Stash!

Ok, so we all love blog giveaways right? I know I do and I wanted to share with you how I did it! I know some of you are going to read this and go "DUH" but some of you aren't really sure how to win! Here is what I do.....

#1. If you don't have a twitter account get one! A dear twitter friend of mine suggested tweetdeck to me and that's what I suggest to you! At the top there is an option to add a column, use it and add #clothdiapers. Almost every giveaway will be tweeted there.

#2. Click on ALL of them and if they are new (no entries) I look to see how many GFC followers they have. If they have less than 200 I try to start entering it at 10-20 entries. If they have more than 200 I wait to enter until they have 50-75 entries. WHY? Because I've noticed Random.org usually will pick numbers in the 100's -200's depending on the # of entries, and I want to get as many of my initial entries in between those numbers. I also look at their existing and closed giveaways to see the average # of entries their giveaways have! Make sense? If they tend to generate 300 entries I believe Random.org will pick a number between 100 and 200, not always but usually!

#3. Look for low entry giveaways and rock them! (cheesy grin)

#4. What do I mean by rock them?? Do all the entries you can! Again if you don't tweet you need to! Tweeting can get you the most amount of entries in a giveaway! If the giveaway lasts 2 weeks and they allow tweeting 2 time a day that's 28 tweets plus the initial tweet so you end up with 29 tweets! Plus the mandatory entry give you 30 entries!  If they say post it on fb DO IT! Some giveaways allow posting on fb daily! Those extra entries will get you up to 44 entries in a 2 week period, see where I'm going with this?? Lets say they usually generate an average of 96 entries in their giveaways you now have half of those! Pretty good odds don't ya think!
 If your not sure if your allowed to tweet or post daily ASK! I've tweeted at the host or asked their fb page and have been surprised when they said "AS OFTEN AS YOU WANT!" It was like striking oil! lol So as others were only doing it once I was "Rockin' It"!

#5. Break up your entries! If there is one mandatory entries and we'll say 5 extra entries DO THEM ALL but don't do the all at once, especially if they don't allow tweeting or only allow tweeting once a day!
Do the mandatory entry, follow them on twitter and tweet! That's 3. The next day, Tweet, like them on fb and like the sponsor on fb! there's another 3 together! The next day come back and tweet, follow the sponsor on twitter and if you have a blog grab their button, there's another 3 in a row! See how that works? Keep doing that until nothing is left to do, and then just continue to tweet daily!

#6. BLOG! Even if it's a personal blog you will still earn extra entries in most giveaways from blogging about it! I've seen the extra entries range from 2 extra to 20 extra entries! YOU WANT THOSE! They can really plump the number of entries you have in a giveaway.

 So there it is! If I think of any other tips I will post them! Have fun and WIN, WIN, WIN!
 Don't forget to follow me on twitter! I tweet about EVERY giveaway I'm in and be sure to check my blog!
                                                                            Thank for following~Becky
Oh and Good luck!!


  1. nice work! but where is the picture of the stash?! that's the best part!

  2. GREAT ideas - I have such a hard time going back and tweeting and then leaving the comment again. I enter a lot of giveaways and then I forget which ones I entered where, and which have the tweet daily, etc. :) So I tend to just do ALL the entries at once and leave and hope for the best. I wish I had a better way to keep track! :)

  3. Good Morning. I am your newest follower. Please swing by and follow back.
    Thx Lilac

  4. I started an Excel spreadsheet where I keep track of what giveaways I've entered, which ones I have won and the value of the winnings. I also calculated my win percentage. Once you set it up (take less than 5 minutes), you need to just document every time you enter.