Friday, January 21, 2011

Want Unlimited Extra Entries??

I would love to win the new Kushies Organic AIO and if I win one you could too so lets win together.  Here's what you need to do. Go to Kushies fb page here and tell them Rebecca O'Brien sent you and I'll give you 10 extra entries have a friend comment I sent them and earn another 10. Use them now or save them for upcoming giveaways. When you comment on the giveaway just write ee #1 and so on for the number of entries you earn. The more friends you get to comment on their page the more entries you earn! If your friends comment that I sent them write ee#1and so on and their name so I know you sent them! That's it! So lets get those comments flowing!Extra entries can only be used once, but you can decide which giveaway to use them in. Thanks~Becky

1 comment:

  1. alright, your twitter and email are gone?!?! where are you woman, i'm getting concerned {in a real life kind of way...}