Monday, January 10, 2011

My Dryer Ball :)

  Well with all the hoopla surrounding dryer balls I wanted some! DH bought me two that we found at our local grocery store but knowing me I needed more! lol 
  I was looking them up online and came across a website that showed me how to make them! Awesome, now all I needed was the wool! Ureka!! My sister Brenda gave me some alpaca fiber she had processed and spun, so online I went again to see if I could use it! YUP I CAN! So I went to the dungeon to get my bin of yarn hoping it was still in there and it was! The instructions say too start may making a small ball, ok no problem got it! In about 5 minuets I was done, then it says to wrap it in a nylon and tie the top and put it through a hot wash, cool I had a load of laundry to throw in so off I was to do the laundry :) then into a hot dry cycle it went. I pulled it out of there as soon as the load was done and it looked pretty good! The next step is to make it bigger, cool more winding. Simply lay the yarn on your existing ball and once again start winding until the ball reaches desired size. I wanted mine to be 3 1/2 inches across because then it would be the same size as my other dryer balls. This process took about 10 minuets. Ok done, off to felt! Hot wash, this time with towels, hot dry! Done! 
   Here it is folks, my dryer ball! Tell me you're not proud of me. I am, and I've already been on Joann's website looking for more wool to make them for family and friends! Me and my pesky addictive personality disorder! I have included a BONUS pic of Emma, she is never far from me and as soon as I pull out the camera all I hear is, cheese, cheese, cheese until I take her pic! :)


  1. Good job! And it's cute too! :)

  2. awesome!! it looks identical to mine! i may be your first customer LOL

    oh, and emma is BEYOND adorable!

  3. Sooo...pardon my ignorance, but what does one do with a "dryer ball"?

  4. Jon and Phyllis Turner, they soften and control static naturally, they also help laundry dry faster and are safe to use on cloth diapers and on any other fibers you wouldn't want to use fabric softener on! :) I hope that helps~Becky