Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Three Years In The Making

                   Finally after 3 years it's done. Normally I would finish a blanket in a week or two but three years later here it is. I started this before Em was born but when she was born and stopped when I had her at 24 weeks, I didn't have the mindset to keep working on it and just let it sit. When she came home from the hospital my days and nights were filled with caring for her and the other kids and the rest of the time I just made up excuses. I really have to be in the mood to crochet or I have no interest in it, but when the mood strikes watch out! lol! I'm posting 2 pick because it's hard to see the letters. Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading~Becky


  1. Yay, you go girl! I can't sew. :(

  2. This is beautiful - is it knit or crochet?